369e Zone Controller

The 369e Zone controller has six zone control, indoor temperature feed­back and zone synchronisation. It is supplied complete with outdoor sensor to provide, along with the 363e controller, a fully integrated system.

The Zone Control 369e is designed to control the temperature in up to six heating zones using Room Temperature Units (RTUs) or indoor sensors. The 369e allows one stage heating zones, two stage heating zones, or a combination of one stage and two stage heating zones. PID zoning logic allows for a staggering and synchronization of multiple zones in order to minimize boiler short cycling. The 369e is capable of operating a single cooling output and can provide automatic or manual heat / cool change over.

When the 369e is used with a kanmor Integrated System Control, the 369e provides indoor temperature feedback that automatically adjusts the supply water temperature in order to satisfy the zone with the highest heat load. A large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is incorporated in order to view system status and operating information. The LCD and user key pad are used to set the control’s adjustments and to monitor zone running times, outdoor high and low temperatures, minimum zone temperatures, and many other useful settings.


  • Control Schedule
  • Individual Zone Schedules
  • Optimum Start / Stop
  • Cooling Control or Cooling Enable
  • Manual Override
  • Slab Minimum and Slab Maximum Temperature Control
  • Remote Display and Adjustment Capabilities
  • Test Sequence to Ensure Proper Component Operation
  • 230 V (ac) Power Supply
  • CE Approved
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