Modvlvs Renewable Energy

The concept of renewable energy is the production of heat without the utilisation of “non renewable” sources (fossil fuels).


This is a word that combines a variety of solid fuels such as wood, pellet, sawdust, scraps of wood working, etc. These fuels can be burned in heating boilers for residences. It is very convenient if this kind of fuel is locally available. The new insulated units of the CS series control the start up of the solid fuel boiler, improving the efficiency and the life.

Geothermal energy

In this case the thermic energy is taken from geologic heat sources. Going down deeply into the earth’s crust the average heat of the rocks increases of about 3°C every 100 meters. In the regions with particularly favourable conditions (subsoil temperature higher than the average) the geothermal energy can be easily taken and transferred to a heating plant.

The pump units of the Geo series carry out all the functions necessary for a good circulation of the glycol.

The geothermal sensors are connected on the surface to a special distributor connected to the heat pump. This system is able to transfer the heat from the geothermic circuit at low temperature to a secondary circuit at a higher temperature, by the means of the electric energy.

In a closed circuit the cooling fluid is flowing; it takes the energy from the earth and through the combination compressor-condenser transfers the heat to the domestic heating circuit.

The heating installation must be at low or medium temperature: wall thermal radiating panels or underfloor heating system. Compact and special pump units of the series regulate the temperature according to the requirements of the different circuits, continuously monitoring the ratio between the outside temperature and the ambient temperature.

The process is reversible and allows the cooling function during the summer. In fact the temperature of the earth is constant all over the year, during the winter the earth temperature is warmer than of the outside temperature; on the contrary during the summer the earth temperature is lower than the outside temperature. The heat pump is an advantageous system from the energy point of view because it allows the production of more thermic energy than the electric energy used (about 4 to 1).