DHW Pump Unit

Application: on thermal stores or similar, connected to solar thermal installations, wood pellet, biomass boilers etc. It provides instantaneous domestic hot water, avoiding bacterial pollution, such as the legionnaire’s disease etc., caused by the stagnation of the hot water.

This unit utilises a special electronic controller modulating the speed of the primary circulating pump, from a minimum speed of 12% up to the maximum selected speed, in order to provide a precise temperature of domestic hot water (typically 45°C). The variation of the secondary flow is measured by a sensor that gives the inputs of the flow and the temperature to the electronic controller, modulating the speed of the circulating pump accordingly.

Two models with flow capacities of 1 to 20 l/min and 2 to 40 l/min. can be used for domestic and light commercial applications.

With the below mentioned features:

  • Delivered water temperature 45°C with a cold water supply temperature of 10°C: consequently the power is about 50Kw on the smaller duty at the maximum flow of 20 l/min and 98 Kw on the larger duty at the maximum flow of 40 l/min. The temperature of the DHW is adjustable up to 55°C
  • The minimum required water inlet temperature to the heat exchanger is 60°C in order to guarantee the specified the maximum flow (with 35°C thermal Δt)
  • A big surface heat exchanger guarantees a remarkable thermal exchange that allows a water return to the storage tank with a minimum temperature of 20°C. This provides efficient heat generation from the solar or heat pump contribution
  • Available with or without secondary circulating pump The heat exchanger can be easily removed in case of maintenance and cleaning
  • A digital sensor allows accurate temperature measurement
  • PPE insulation box (398 x 500 x 191mm). A special back plate fixes the unit to the insulation box and it allows a quick fitting to the wall or to the solar cylinder
  • The pump unit is supplied with 3/4” Male connections (pipe-union).