Ancillary Components

M2 Exchange

Heat exchange pump unit for hydraulic installations with insulation box, made of hot forged brass.

By the means of this heat exchanger it is possible to separate hydraulically the primary circuit fed by wood pellet boiler etc. from the secondary circuit (for example underfloor heating systems) in installations where it is not advisable to utilise the same fluid in both primary and secondary circuits.

Plate heat exchanger made of stainless steel AISI 316.  Prepared for the direct connection to the anti-condensing pump unit of the primary circuit and  to the mixed pump unit of the secondary circuit by means of the 1” male connections.  It is also possible to connect several fittings to the “T” connectors.

3 bar security unit with the pressure gauge 63mm (0-4 bar) and a draining valve are already provided in the “heating” circuit (secondary).

EPP insulation box measurements : 250 x 143 x 218mm

PN 10. constant temperature 120oC
Centre distance: 125mm
External connections: 1” male.

16 plates | Code: 203646E16
26 plates | Code: 203646E26
40 plates | Code: 203646E40


Solar-Plus pressure vessel with fixing bracket

Pressure expansion vessel suitable for solar systems according to DIN4757.  Inside the vessel there is a special solar membrane that separates the air from the solar liquid.

Max. working pressure 10 bars, 2.5 bar precharged
Working temperature: from -10oC to 110oC.
Maximum contant temperature for the membrane: 100oC

The kit includes:

  • Solar Plus Expansion vessel – capacity 18 l or 25 l
  • “L” bracket to fix the expansion vessel to the wall.
  •  3/4”M x 3/4”F connector provided with a double check valve made of brass to replace the expansion vessel without draining the installation.
  • Wall plugs and packing

18L Capacity  | Code:SETVESOLAR18
25L Capacity  | Code:SETVESOLAR25


SG50 Security Unit

Security unit with EPS insulation 20mm with 1”F connection | Code: SG50

The kit includes:

  • Body made in hot forged brass
  • Pressure gauge 63, 4 bar, 3/8”
  • Automatic air vent valve, 6 bar, 3/8”
  • Safety valve 3 bar, 1/2” for power up to 50kW