tN4 Internet Gateway 483e

The tN4 Internet Gateway 483e allows the user to monitor and adjust tN4 systems using any web browser. The tN4 Internet gateway also provides two alert outputs and a single demand input with e-mail notification on system status/alert. Unit also has data logging capability.

The tN4 Internet Gateway 483e allows contractors, building managers and home owners the ability to remotely access tekmarNet®4 compatible controls through a computer web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox®, or Safari®.

Access can be either direct, through a local area network, or through the Internet.

Temperature adjustment, scheduling, and monitoring of each room controller is made simple by allowing the installer to name and also group room controllers into areas within the building. Users can select to have scheduled status reports and system alerts emailed automatically.


  • tN4 Compatible
  • No Annual Fees
  • Apple Mac® OS X® Computer Required
  • Remotely Accessible Using Windows®,
  • Mac OS X, or Linux
  • Web Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
  • Email Status Reports and Alerts
  • Monitor and Adjust Temperatures
  • Adjust Schedules
  • Adjust and Activate Scenes
  • Activate Setpoint Controls
  • Low and High Level Alert Contacts
  • Alert Demand
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