The Heating Control Equipment supplied by Radiant Control includes, boiler controls, zone controls, and Weather compensation,  air temperature control systems comprising thermostats, wiring centres, control packs, actuators and switch gear.

All our products are available to buy nationwide through our distributor partners, supported by our in-house technical team. We also offer training courses in all the systems we sell, many of which are held at our new purpose built unit, in Bardon Hill, North West Leicestershire which also houses our sales and distribution functions.

tN4 Temperature Control System

Our tN4 temperature control system range of products offers total system integration for controlling the temperature of your building, including the facility to manage heating, cooling and ventilation through one central system. Two way communication creates an innovative solution for boiler control and individual zone control, whilst the overall thermostatic control provides full integration of both the air and water temperatures. The tN4 temperature control system range comprises of a number of different controlsroom controls and accessories, allowing you to create the perfect bespoke system for your building’s temperature control requirements.

tN4 Temperature Control System Benefits

  • Adjust building temperatures based on both indoor and outdoor conditions using weather compensation and indoor temperature control
  • Prevents simultaneous heating and cooling within selected areas
  • Displays the outdoor temperature on any room controllers connected in your system
  • Pre set operations allow you to control your system at the push of a button
  • Co-ordination of zone control to minimise equipment short cycling
  • Remote system control via a telephone switch or web browser
  • Share setback schedules between tN4 room controllers

Water Temperature Control Systems

Water temperature control systems, do exactly as the name implies, it is a system to automatically manage the temperature of the water which comes from the boiler into the heating system, to ensure that the system runs efficiently and to optimum user comfort.  Radiant Control offer a range of Water Temperature control products including boiler controls, weather compensation, zone controllers, timeswitches as well as mixing valves and actuators.

  • Boiler Controls

    View Boiler Controls

    Boiler controller offering the ability to sequence up to four boilers, with lead-lag rotation, weather compensation and domestic hot water control.

  • Weather Compensation

    View Weather Compensation

    Weather compensation controllers measure the temperature outside the building and vary the temperature of the water pumped into the heating systems accordingly.  A weather compensated system will provide building occupants with increased comfort levels whilst also reducing the amount of energy consumed as the boiler will fire less often as the system water temperature will be at a lower level.

  • Zone Control

    View Zone Control

    Zone control units allow the user to independently set different temperatures in different zones (usually rooms) in the building, combined with a weather compensation unit you can keep the building at exactly the temperature you want it to be.

  • Time Switches

    View Time Switches

    Timeswitches are often used to control the system in one of two ways. Traditionally used in an on/off mode the time switch will start and operate the system during occupied periods. A more contemporary approach is to use the system in conjunction with the kanmor controllers to maintain the system operation during both occupied and unoccupied time periods, but with different temperatures associated with each switching period.

  • Mixing Valves & Actuators

    View Mixing Valves & Actuators

    Mixing valves and actuators work together to regulate the temperature of the water in the heating system by mixing warm water from the boiler with cooler water returning from the heating system.  Mixing valves are available in 3 and 4 port and actuators with 24vac and 230vac options.

Air Temperature Control Systems

Air temperature control systems, do exactly as the name implies, and manage the temperature of the air in the building and creating a heating system demand.  The thermostats are the occupants interface – allowing them to make adjustments to keep the temperature comfortable. Radiant Control offer a range of Air Temperature control products including 24V thermostats and sensors, 230v thermostats and sensors, wireless thermostats, wiring centres 24v and 230v and thermal actuators.

  • 24v Thermostats

    View 24v Thermostats

    24v Thermostats available with both dial and digital display formats, with options for remote sensing (slab and air) and night set back utilising separate time switches.  Radiant Control also offer a range of wireless thermostats, allowing the user to place the thermostat where they wish without having the concern and costs of wiring it in place.

  • 24v Thermostat Sensors

    View 24v Thermostat Sensors

    Our range of indoor, outdoor and universal sensors to suit 24v thermostats.

  • 230v Thermostats

    View 230v Thermostats

    230v Thermostats available with both dial and digital display formats, with options for remote sensing (slab and air) and night set back utilising separate time switches.  Radiant Control also offer a range of wireless thermostats, allowing the user to place the thermostat where they wish without having the concern and costs of wiring it in place.

  • 230v Thermostat Sensors

    View 230v Thermostat Sensors

    Our range of remote room and sensors to suit 230v thermostats.

  • Wireless Thermostat System

    View Wireless Thermostat System

    The wireless thermostat systems have been developed to provide wire free installation for Underfloor heating applications. This system provides true comfort through precise room temperature control, always ensuring optimum energy usage and savings through advanced control of boilers, pumps and heat emitters.  Remote time control provides system night setback feature, when used in conjunction with adjustable or non-adjustable room sensors.

  • Wireless 2-Way System & Standalone

    View Wireless 2-Way System & Standalone

    The wireless CF2 system is extremely easy to install and operate whilst still offering a wide range of functions for underfloor heating system control.  2-way wireless technology enables a “Link test” on each type of Room Thermostat, indicating the status of the wireless communication between each Room Thermostat and the Master Controller CF-MC, directly on the Room Thermostat. The Room Thermostats are available in 4 ver­sions: standard, public (tamperproof), display and display with InfraRed floor sensor covering most application and functionality demands.

  • 24v Wiring Centres

    View 24v Wiring Centres

    Available as 10 zone units and include 2 relay switching contacts for typically boiler and pump applications.

  • 230v Wiring Centres

    View 230v Wiring Centres

    Available as either 4 or 8 zone units and 2 relay switiching contacts for typically boiler and pump applications.

  • Thermal Actuators

    View Thermal Actuators

    The MOAA range of thermal actuators is available in both 230VAC and 24 Vac on/off options, normally closed and powered open.  Adaptors are available for a wide range of manifold connection. Units supplied with position indicator for ease of identification with regard to actuator position.

  • Thermal Actuator Adaptors

    View Thermal Actuator Adaptors

    Our wide range of Thermal Actuator Adaptors, available to fit many of the manifolds made by leading manufacturers.

Control Packs, Switches & Switchgear

Control packs offer a nice simple solution to multi-component requirements, control packs all operate motorised zone valves with either air temperature or water temperature control.  Supplied as a pack for the relevant applications, all items are compatible when wired with the instruction leaflets supplied.

A complete selection of relays and contactors are available to allow bespoke switching applications to be satisfied. Low voltage power supplies are also provided along with a choice of ensclosures. A recent innovation is the new telephone switch enabling the user to activate system components from a remote telephone.

single zone pack


Thanks to the Modvlvs components now even the pipework connections to the boilers in a central heating installation are no longer a problem.

A full range of headers, pump units, actuators servomotors, circulating pumps and safety units allow ease of installation, subsequent savings and a professional installation.

Zone Pack
It is assembled and ready to be  connected to the distribution header

It can be connected in less than half an hour

It is provided with thermometers, isolation ball valves, check valve, bypass valve, mixing valve and a circulating pump

The unit is reversible (right or left supply) and it is suitable for underfloor, radiator and solar heating installations

modern and compact design.

modvlvs pilot plant

  • Heating Zone Packs

    View Heating Zone Packs

    CT Zone Pack Constant Temperature 2-Way Unmixed Pump Unit Comprises: zone pump, isolation ball valves, temperature gauges and non-return valve. Available in connection sizes 1” and 1” 1/4 BSP.  Supplied with insulation box cover. Centre distance 125mm. EPP insulation box (Measurements: 250x380x190mm). PN 10. Max Temperature 110°C. External connections: 1” or 1”1/4 Female.

  • Modvlvs Headers & Manifolds

    View Modvlvs Headers & Manifolds

    HV Distribution Headers The distribution header is connected after the Hydraulic Header and is available with connections from single flow and return up to six individual flow and returns.  HV Distributor 60 range can be used for applications up to  2m3/h (50kW) and HV Distributor 70 range  up to 3m3/h (70kW).

  • DHW Pump Unit

    View DHW Pump Unit

    Application: on thermal stores or similar, connected to solar thermal installations, wood pellet, biomass boilers etc. It provides instantaneous domestic hot water, avoiding bacterial pollution, such as the legionnaire’s disease etc., caused by the stagnation of the hot water.

  • Modvlvs Energy Pump Units

    View Modvlvs Energy Pump Units

    The pump units ‘Modvlvs Energy’ are utilised to meter energy in centralised heating and cooling installations.  These pump units, with two isolating valves on the return, allow for easy installation of the energy meter.  The second temperature sensor is directly put into the isolating valve on the flow, without any pocket.  This special 3-way ball valve, placed after the circulating pump, allows the sealing of the sensor and also the replacement of it without draining the installation; it is sufficient enough to close the valve to isolate the sensor from the hydraulic circuit. 

  • Solar Pump Units

    View Solar Pump Units

    Solar S - Solar Station 2-Way Pump Unit with Air Vent and Built-In Controller Comprises: solar pump, air separator and vent, flow meter, fill and drain points, isolation ball valves, temperature gauges and safety valve.  Available in connection sizes 22mm and 1” BSP male.  Supplied with insulation box cover.

  • Modvlvs Heat Exchange Pump Units

    View Modvlvs Heat Exchange Pump Units

    S1: Outdoor temperature sensor S2: Flow temperature sensor S5: Ambient temperature sensor DD2 (option) R1: Mixed circuit circulating pump (secondary) M: 3-way motorised mixing valve of the mixed circuit (secondary) with built-in controller F: Thermic valve of the boiler circuit (primary) R2: Boiler circuit circulating pump (primary) E: Plates heat exchanger

  • Modvlvs Renewable Energy

    View Modvlvs Renewable Energy

    The concept of renewable energy is the production of heat without the utilisation of “non renewable” sources (fossil fuels).

  • Modvlvs Flow Regulation

    View Modvlvs Flow Regulation

    Flow Regulator Straight flow regulator and flowmeter, male threaded on one end and with swivel nut on the other, from 3/4” to 1”1/2, for solar, heating and hydronic applications. A careful sizing of the flow regulator provides very little headlosses.

  • Ancillary Components

    View Ancillary Components

    M2 Exchange Heat exchange pump unit for hydraulic installations with insulation box, made of hot forged brass.

Obsolete Products

Below are details of some of our recently superceded products, if you require more information on any of these please call our technical team on 01530 519666