What is Weather Compensator Controller?

A Weather Compensator is a Heating Controller that measures the Outdoor Temperature and uses the information to vary the water temperature delivered into the heating system, via a Mixing Device.

What is the benefit of Weather Compensation to a Heating System?

Weather Compensation provides better comfort conditions within the heated space, fuel efficiency savings typically in the order of 10-15% and with some systems easier functionality for the end user.

How do I combine a number of heat sources to deliver a cost effective installation?

A ‘staging controller’ will provide a multi-heat source project with the ability to control several heat sources. The Kanmor 264e is an ideal Controller for this type of application.

Who are Kanmor?

Kanmor Control Systems are a manufacturing division of Tekmar Controls – Canada.

Kanmor Controls supply a range of Heating Controllers into the UK and European Markets, via Radiant Control Ltd.

Why should we use you?

Where can I buy your products?

Product is available through specialist Underfloor Heating Control companies, and through Wholesale outlets that are highlighted in Where to Buy.

Can I access your system over the internet?

Yes. The new Kanmor tN4 System has provision for Internet Based remote access.

What is Optimisation?

Optimisation refers to the Start/Stop Time of a Heating system.

A specific controller referred to as an Optimiser is used to switch the heating system on at the latest time possible whilst still satisfying the target air temperature. Conversely the optimiser also has the capability to switch the heating system off at the earliest possible opportunity. The Kanmor 542e offer optimisation.

Some room thermostats also have basic optimisation features.

What does “volt free” mean?

‘Volt Free’ is a common term that refers to a switch that does not have any specific ‘pre-determined’ voltage for switching.

As such an appliance that requires a ‘no volts’ switch like some Boilers can utilise this type of contact. Should the requirement of the appliance be for either 24Vac or 230Vac then the ‘Volt Free’ contact will require a respective 24Vac or 230Vac supply.

The ‘Volt Free’ switch is extremely flexible and generally caters for most applications.

Do you sell a range of thermostats?

Yes. Thermostats are available for both 24Vac and 230Vac applications.

They can be ether a simple dial thermostat, display thermostat or display programmable thermostat. The Kanmor 501x, 506x and 510e cover all of these applications.

What is a Programmable Thermostat?

A Programmable Thermostat offers both a time schedule and associated temperature setpoint. The choices are usually two on/off switching periods or three on/off switching periods. The kanmor 510 Thermostat is a fully Programmable Thermostat.

What is the best voltage for heating control systems 24volt or 230volt?

24Vac control systems offer a better solution, in terms of safety without compromising choice of units.  All kanmor thermostats operate with 24Vac.

If you have any other questions please give us a call on 01530 519666 and our team will be pleased to help.